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Remember My Name - (Pop - Bass and drums)

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stonehead said...

Hi Andy
I just uploaded a drum idea for your song.I dont want to step on Scotsmans toes but I just bought a new midi kit so I cant stop playing.
The track is not easy to keep tight with without a click and there are fills on my version that would need playing with.Anyway see what you think.
Ian (Stonehead)

scotsman said...

MY TOES HURT.........LOL i dunno if Andy still visits here, when i done my track i got little response.
I was about to try another of his his songs but as i said i dunno if he's here.


Keeper said...

Hehehe, well everyone is welcome to audition. Keep auditioning until one of them is accepted. Actually one of Andy's scotsman auditioned "after" Kevin's drum part was accepted, saying he didn't like Kevin's drum part. I guess even that is ok, as long as the owner's will is kept in mind. It sure doesn't hurt to try now does it?

Ian, this is the one I thought you didn't post a msg for. Looks like I'm way off my game the last few days.... LOL I'm fighting an ear infection so it's really got me off kilter.

As for Andy, he sent a message up a couple months ago saying he couldn't be involved for the time being. Something to do with personal problems. I hope he's ok.

He also did say he plans to return and finish his tunes as soon as he can. So I would think both of your efforts are not in vain. When you feel like it post your tracks and ideas.


stonehead said...

Hi Mark and Fred
LOL it looks like it's mainly us drummers active anyway.....Lets start a drummers supergroup HEH!!!

Keeper said...

That's actually not a bad idea Ian. We may just do that.

Here's something along those lines. It's a place to put started drum tracks, so people can grab 'em and jam to them.

You may want to post and subscribe just so you know when a new track is posted. And we can surely hold as much, and many drum discussions as we want.

Keeper said...

I think people need to warm up to the blogging system. I don't think it's hard to use at all, and actually has some good advantages over the other system. I'm liking it...