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(Blues-Rock) No Friend Of The Night (The Works)


Keeper said...


kenny_b said...

So you have lyrics? Does sound just like Robert Cray.

Keeper said...

I have some I've been kicking around. I also have some other parts I've been hearing in my head that I want to try in there (changes), but I've been pre-occupied with other things. Thanks.

Keeper said...

Billy Atwell has posted a preliminary vocal audition. I am not quite sure what I think about it. Maybe it's because I already had been singing a melody to myself for this, and his is quite far from mine. I am undecided if I think he is in key or not. The file he sent up is No Friend Of The Night ABS.mp3 . Feedback welcomed.

Perhaps I should try singing my idea to show the contrast?

Keeper said...

Ok I did a simple melody on the piano of what I have been hearing in my head for vocal melody. Of course I will embelish in this a little bit and I can hear at least one of the times through being even an octave higher than this, but you get the general idea of what I am hearing. I will be working arrangement too. I have ideas for a change or two, but I am going to let the vocal dictate arrangement. You are hearing the beginning stages of the big picture. As time permits you will hear this change and develop. I feel lik this melody sits better against the rythm, and the rythm track frames the melody. It feels more like it is in key.

The excerpt of my melody is in the files area:


Keeper said...

Well I guess I'll work on the drums and bass on this one next, and maybe a change or two to add.