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Welcome to the musical collaboration projects area of F-Jam. We call this the "Project Portal Blog" because it is used to navigate and move you through the actual projects. Each project on this blog has a files and discussion area, where the actual working of the collaborations occur. It is kept separate from the public discussions blog, and the project status pages (googlegroup), for organization sake. The googlegroup is strictly for status updates, via e-mail. If you are wanting to browse projects you can do it from this blog, but it's going to be much harder to do than if you QUICKSTART, and browsed from one page. This blog is where the actual collaboration process occurs and so is not geared toward browsing and looking for the status of a project. This blog is also not meant to hold any other public discussion than that of the actual projects. What we mean by that is that this blog is where the artists talk to each other about the music they are working together on. If for instance you wanted to talk about a video you saw, or how your day has gone, you would use the public discussion blog for that, or the forums. We don't want those types of discussions in amongst the actual projects... That's why we keep these parts separate. Once you realize that, this site's working becomes much easier to understand.

So you've entered the actual project blog here. We list the last 10 projects posted. Then at the bottom there is a link to "older posts". If you click that you see the next 10 projects listed. Again below that you see "older posts" below that set of 10 projects. If you click that you see the next set of 10 projects. You can manually work backwards through all of the projects. This is the hard way to do it. You just get to see the files and discussions. You'd have to dig through them to know where the project is in it's development. The QUICKSTART on the menus is the best for navigating this site.

You could also use the search in the upper left corner of this blog to find a specific project. Type in a keyword and search. Or use the clickable keywords we have setup at the top, just under the menu.

So now that you know to use the status pages to browse projects and status (googlegroups), here is a general overview of the F-Jam system:

Status pages (googlegroups) - this is the starting point for the site, and the very best way to browse projects, and know what they want next. QUICKSTART on the menus takes you to the starting point and gives you instructions on how to use it.

Discussion blog - this is where members can discuss anything their heart desires, and not have to worry about putting it in the wrong place.

Project Portal Blog - This is the actual project area. We call it a portal because it moves you through the actual projects as you scroll through it.

Files area - This is the File Manager, FTP server, and Audition Here buttons. They all send files to the same folders on the server.


stonehead said...

Well done Fred
Seems straight forward to me

Bobbylee said...

You nailed it! If I can understand it and be zipping around the site in just a week anyone can.