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Sasha said...

Genre= pop
BPM= 138
What is wanted for this project:
I would need to record this vocal unisono. no matter of quality and quality for use on a demo.

F-Jam Alert said...

Sasha said...

Genre= pop
BPM= 138
What is wanted for this project:
I would need to record this vocal unisono. no matter of quality and quality for use on a demo.

August 24, 2008 12:26 AM

Your project page has been created. You should post at least 1 message on it so you can subscribe to it and get e-mail if people respond.

LVGD08 said...

70 Million Years

Genre= Rock
BPM= 70
What is wanted for this project:
This is open for whatever but probably a second guitar, more keys, lyrics, vocals, and bass if you want to replace that. Sound Effects would be cool.

Keeper drums on this one:

Download keeper drums track here:

Marc said...

Genre: Rock
BPM: 149

I posted a dry mix with rough lead vocal.

Needs bass and drums.

Recorded at 48k

I uploaded the file on my 4shared.

F-Jam Alert said...

Hi Marc-

I'm setting this up for you now.

kenny_b said...

Genre= Rock
BPM= 116
What is wanted for this project: Drums, production help

kenny_b said...

Genre= Rock
BPM= 116
What is wanted for this project: Drums, Production help

F-Jam Alert said...


Check your e-mail. We've sent you an invite to join the project blog so you can bypass the comment moderation that non-members are subject to (to filter out spam). Once you accept your posts will show immediately.

Sent to your gmail.

Marc said...

Genre: Rock
BPM: 177 3/4 time

Needs drums, bass, production

Record at 48k 24 bit

F-Jam Alert said...

I was doing some housekeeping, and noticed that someone uploaded a track to this folder, but never posted any message. Skipping the message part of this is why nobody knew it was there until 10 days later. Someone should say something.

I'll leave it there for awhile but eventually sacrafice will be deleted...

ac said...

genre: grunge/rock
raw recording of a song i've been toying around with. would love to see some lyrics and vocals, lead guitar and bass line on it

ac said...

genre:soft rock
bpm: 85

still in the composing process. would like to add a bass line to it and some real drums, possibly some lyrics. would also want a bridge of some sort on the song. song structure not definitive either. so it's really open for anything! starter track uploaded on my 4shared account.

F-Jam Alert said...

Link to Antonio's new project. Will get it setup in a roject page shortly:

jed said...

This is a rough mix of track 1
please don't laugh too much at the vocal track, it's me and I don't sing!

this track needs some life injected into it, wether it be a chord change or a re write, it's kinda got that FLOYD feel to it

F-Jam Alert said...

Jed check your hotmail. There is an invite on thre to join this blog. You'll bypass the message moderation and your posts will show immediately once you do.

F-Jam Alert said...

Here is a link to Jed's uploaded track. Jed if you want to have control over the project files you should setup a account and upload your project files to there, and then send me th links.

Everyone now knows your file is there, and can download and listen. I can setu a project page for you using either account (yours or mine), but using yours gives YOU control of the files.

Meting Of Minds<---Click here.

Gr1m said...

Hi guys,

Havent been on this site for almost 2 years :\ But its time to get back into things:

Drums by Mark Scotsman.
Mix is still not 100% :\

Genre= soft rock
Need some vocals :)
Influences: Metallica, Creed, Pink Floyd
Key:E Minor
NOrmal 4/4
Intro, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, break, verse, bridge/outro

F-Jam Alert said...

We'll setup your project page Ed. Check your g-mail to join this blog and bypass the moderation.

Inngr8 said...

Genre = Alt Rock (probably)
BMP = 95
What is wanted for the project: new bass line, drums

F-Jam Alert said...


You did good except for one thing...

The "Start A New Project" option on the menu is for new users who don't have a account yet and want to upload a starter file. You and AC both have 4shared accounts, so you would upload the starter file to one of your accounts (I bet AC already has this on his), and then announce the project and files by posting a message here on this blog page. I have it setup on the menu where you can skip the upload part of it and just post the information on this page. That option is under "File Manager" on the dropdown menu.

You did good, but you didn't need to upload to MY account (which is what that option uses). That option is for new users. No harm done. Just letting you know how it's done for experienced users.

I'm surprised AC didn't post this project... I'll check into this a little more and get your project setup and running... Thanks guys!

F-Jam Alert said...

I went and checked AC's (his is listed in the forums listing), and he does not have a project folder called "rebirth", so indeed I will use the file you uploaded as a starter. I would like one of you guys to make a folder for this on your accounts, make it public, and give upload permissions so people can audition. I will put this in place with Phil's upload here for now, but I'd like to switch over to your accounts on the project page once you've done that. One of you guys (probably AC) should setup the folder and permissions and give me the link to use in the project page. Thanks...

Moose said...

Project: Bolt Action Reaction
Genre = Rock and Roll
BPM = 145
Key = A (main)
Lyrics = Phil Armstrong
Music = Moose Lewis
What is wanted for this project:
Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar(s)
4shared folder:
Link to startup MP3:

The startup has vocals, rhythm guitars and overly simple drums.
The arrangement has obvious breaks not illustrated by the existing drum track. I kept it that way and left out the bass to avoid influencing possible contributions too much. I think players should be able to have some fun with this one.

The middle has two verses for lead guitar work - I plan to record the second guitar myself, but have not yet because, again - wish to not influence... and I will likely try to tailor my lead work to jell with others. There is also room for riffing on the intro, ending and between verses. I would possibly be interested in more than one additional lead guitar to mix and match a jam out of this (I will be producing - but does not mean I'll be the only one).

All of this is assuming anyone's interested and Phil doesn't pull his lyrics for the slash and burn job I've done on them - lol!


F-Jam Alert said...


Ignore my PM. I hadn't seen this post yet, and now that I have seen it, all questions are answered. I'll get right on setting this up!

Cool beans!

Paul groover said...

Monkey wrench is a rock song in need of vocals and anything else that fits. Key of E and 125 bpm

Paul groover said...


In need of some vox and anything else that fits. I can supply lyrics

F-Jam Alert said...

Hi Paul-

I will setup your project for Monkey Wrench. Check your e-mail and accept the invite to join this blog. Once you accept your posts/comments will show immediately and not be moderated.

Jonathan said...

Genre= Drum and Bass
BPM= 166
What is wanted for this project: Owning FL Studio or at least being able to import FLP files would make it easier for everyone. However, we can work around that if necessary. Basically, this needs elongated and given a main melody to pursue throughout.

Yellow Dwarf said...

Genre = blues/rock
bpm = 70

I'm looking for a nice drum track to go with this song about a girl with a heroin problem.

Yellow Dwarf said...

And because I'm a dope, I forgot the link:

F-Jam Alert said...

Ok Tim, I got the file on my 4shared, and the info. I'll setup the project for this in the next few hours or maybe tomorrow. I need to give my face a radiation break for awhile and momma is now home from work.

BTW: Check your main and accept the invite to join the studio blog. Once you do your posts will bypass moderation when youpost to the project blog pages...

it's a spam protection and members bypass it. Accepts the invite...

More later.....

Yellow Dwarf said...

Ok, I'll be here all weekend.