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March1 (Rock, Bass, Keys, Leads, Lyrics, Vox, Arrangement)

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stonehead said...

Hi Fred
Sounds like an Eddie type of project to me why not give him a shout.Your hats sound way better than mine.

Keeper said...

Hi Ian-

Eddie should see the initial post in the google, if he's subscribed. Once I put in another change and get some structure to it I may just do that if he doesn't pop up.

I played about 4 minutes of V-drums against a click at first. Then I took the midi from that drum parts and tweaked it for timing, and used Steinberg's Hypersonic 2 (softsynth), on one of it's drum kits. I think it's called 21st Century something or another. So that is the hats from Hypersonic 2 you are hearing. I played them on my pads at first but Hypersonic is interpreting them. Looks like most of the drum track I di will not be used... LOL Guess I'll have to put it in the starter tracks area. I really dig Hypersonic 2. Has tons of great sounds on it, and is highly editable... The rythm needs at least one more change I think. It's just something I developed in my studies. I'm getting better with realstrat, and gtr rig 3. Always busy behind the scenes. Appreciate the comments...

The Funge said...

Hi Fred,

Here's what I'm hearing anyway.

I'm not really a rocker. I'd like to concentrate on March 26 now and try and get some vox going. Maybe this idea might ignite something in others?


Keeper said...

Nice jammin' Bill! Can you post your separates? I'd like to work with it a little too. Thanks man!

Keeper said...


I'd still like the separates you have for this one. I was expecting you to upload them, but never saw it. Same with your vocs you mentioned having on the March 26 song. Never saw them upped from you either...


F-Jam Alert said...


I know you have hypersonic 2 (softsynth) too. It has some great kits on it. You should have a go at triggering it with your padkit soon.

Stonehead said...

I haven't really experimented in triggering the soft synths yet...I may try on crash it should improve the hats