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(Rock) Free And Easy Miracle (Bass And Drums)

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Files have been deleted by the author for lack of interest, but he says he's going to repost them....
Use the Multiupload tab for ALL uploads!!! It works much better


F-Jam Alert said...

Hi Marc. Your project is setup now. The link to it is at the top of the e-mail notification.

cj_spotty said...

Nice song, Marc!
I`ll try to process it.

kenny_b said...

The link is not valid.

F-Jam Alert said...

QUOTE: kenny_b ...

The link is not valid.

It was valid. H must have changed it.

Marc said...

Sorry guys. I deleted all the files. There wasn't (any) much response. I 'll get a working track back up.

Marc said...

Sorry I've been out of touch on this project. I haven't been getting notifications. I just checked my Gmail and saw the inquirires about this song.

Marc said...

Cj, I just got your message.

That would be great.

F-Jam Alert said...

Wow Marc, you are in a hurry huh? Online collaboration takes some patience and time. It takes some time for people and see these projects.

Look how long we waited for your vocal track, for the waltz, and didn't delete the project. I actually didn't think you were gonna do it at all. That's how long we waited. Patience paid off on that one. All deleting accomlishes, is to make it a certainty that peole won't see it.

Marc said...

I am not in any hurry at all. These songs of mine have been in the workd for months if not years Nobody is more patient than me.

I worked on Lullaby walts continuosly for a year and did'nt post until I had improved a bit. I never gave up on it.

There was no activity on Free and Easy Miracle so I deleted some files. What's the big deal.
If someone was working on this I was unaware of becaus I hadn't recieved any notifications on my Yahoo mail. I just happened to check my Gmail the other day and realised ther was some interest in this song.

F-Jam Alert said...

Well it's your song and you can do as you see fit. It's just that when you deleted the whole folder it threw this project page out of whack because it couldn't find the folder at all.

I'm just telling you that it takes some waiting sometimes.

When you put it back up I'll put the address back into the project page frame. I removed the old link because it was causing an error on the project page because the setup I did for you was no longer valid. You could leave the folder there so it doesn't cause an error even if it's empty. But if not I can always remove the link like I did once I realized you deleted the whole folder. Or renamed it or something that made the link no longer valid. The page was not seeing the folder at all because it somehow changed. Renamed it or deleted. It's all the same in the end result because the page will longer be able to find it.

It's your call to rename and or delete whatever you like, but you should let me know as admin so I can change the ling and the project page will still see it.

When you deleted, or renamed it the links were no longer valid on the page, when people visited it.