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(Rock) Monkey Wrench (Vocals)



Keeper said...

Nice phat sound Paul! You should post the lyrics in a message here!

I'm diggin' it!

mtgbuyer1 said...

send lyrics
we'll see what we can come up with...

patrick munce

Paul groover said...

Banana back you get a sideways stack
trouble farts a numpty now and a again
dood man what,s going to go down
Saturday is not up to much monday is going
to break loose

A stranger found a shadow and said what
if today is like tommorrow and yesterday is today
and we would find that we were wood one spare
not to repair and it moves from the window pane
slowly not breaking it

your forcing a monstrosisty
across the room
not caring that it touch,s the floor
the pain that touches your soul
the pain that grinds you down
silver coloidial cannot help you
as the demon comes from behind
the blinds to hold you in her arms
This is what i have came up with so far they are changeable. They are a bit obtuse :)

F-Jam Alert said...

Hi Paul-

Notice we've edited your lyrics into the "Project Status" window at the top of this project page (click the title of the project in the e-mail). Check your e-mail for access to edit this status window yourself. Just below your lyrics is a help button that explains how you can edit this "Project Status" at will.

Also sent you a PM via the forums. You'll no doubt see a notification about that too in your e-mail.

A mass invite for this project was sent to the vocalists talent group here (it has 45 members listed)