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(Gospel) First Stone (The Works)

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F-Jam Alert said...

Project initiated:

Keeper said...

I like the singer. It's a nice start...

Do you have separates for this?

mtgbuyer1 said...

Genre: Gospel
BPM= (going by recollection) 81 or 87 bpm

separates: have all file sounds and edits
but project will need cubase4 w/latest version

seek open arrangement,production and mix to bring this song out into the sunlight.

Patrick Munce

F-Jam Alert said...


Check your g-mail. There is an invitation to join the studio blog. Once you accept that invite your comments will bypass the moderation(spam blocker for non-members).

If you export the tracks as wav it is not necessary for others to have cubase to use them.

wav format is a standard.

Keeper said...


The song has a lot of potential. Really love the singer. If I had the separate wav files I'd like to audition some drums. You have 5 gigs of storage on your, and it has a multiple file uploader. You can send them as a batch upload. The files have to be smaller than 100 megs each, but you can compress any that need it to make them go under 100 megs if need be. WinRAR would do well for this.

I believe you'll get some takers for this project. If you supply the wav separates we can do our own custom mixes to audition against. The whole group is reading our posts here and will be listening and joiniong in if they are interested. You have a good singer there.

Keeper said...


I am a Sonar 8 user now, and it says that it is compatible with cubase projects if you export them as OMF. I need to look forther in my manual, but I found a reference to this on the cakewalk site:


Meltinpix said...

Hi Patrick,
I would like to audition some acoustic guitar. Could you use it on this project?

F-Jam Alert said...

Meltinpix check your private message under forums.